New scooters!

Okay, so you've decided you want a Madd Gear scooter.  Where to buy it?  Don't trust some sketchy startup store that you've never heard of.  You probably already have an Amazon account, so just get it there and score the best prices available anywhere.  CLICK HERE to order MGP scooters on Amazon, fulfilled directly by Madd Gear themselves!

MGP Nitro End of Days

Does the End of Days edition have the best graphics ever released on a mass production scooter?  CLICK HERE to take a closer look and decide for yourself.

2012 Madd Gear/MGP VX2 Pro Scooter

CLICK HERE to check out the new 2012 Madd Gear/MGP VX2 Pro model!  New and improved with sick colors and enhanced design features! 

Our favorite look is probably the black and red one, pictured below.  But there are several other dope colors to choose from, so make sure to check them all out!

Mark Abbott: Welcome to MGP edit

Introducing MGP NZ rider Mark Abbott. This edit was filmed over a few months in the leadup to the NZ Launch Party... I'm surprised he walked away with no problems after that first slam at the beginning!



Check out Perry Grant, Terry Price, and Sam Everett tearing it up at the skatepark!


A look at the Nitro in red

This is one sweet looking scooter! The red paint seems to look better in person/on video than it does in photos, check it out for yourself:

A look at the MGP Team Edition

An up close and personal look at the Team Edition. (Dog not included.)

Team MGP NZ - Launch Weekend

The MGP NZ crew set it off and launched the team by attacking a bunch of parks, culminating with their official party at Wrong Skate. Very nicely edited by Ricky Malcolm!